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It should come as no surprise that industrial buildings are growing increasingly popular. Their versatility, customizability, and cost-effectiveness make them attractive for use in the oil and gas industry, as well as for telecom businesses, power companies, and general industrial applications. It’s no secret that expanding business facilities is a major undertaking, and choosing whether or not to invest in engineered building systems is a big decision. So let’s look at ten reasons why your business may need a pre-engineered building.

1. Easily Customizable

Our metal buildings can be quickly customized and configured for virtually any use. This is probably one of the top reasons your business may need one.

There’s a time and a place for one-size-fits-all industrial metal buildings. There are many facilities that may not require a great deal of customization, and standard design is perfectly suitable in these cases.

But what if your business needs unique, custom metal building construction for its operations? This is where metal buildings can make all the difference. No matter what the use, our buildings can be easily customized for your industry.

At a glance, we can list some of the many customizable features of metal buildings:

  • Custom canopies and other installations for oil and gas pipelines
  • Specially tailored building units for power generation facilities
  • Lighting fixtures, as well as type and number of windows and skylights
  • Custom features for sensitive telecommunications equipment

Of course, these are only a few of the available bespoke features—the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your engineered structure.

2. Energy Savings

One of the more obvious advantages of large metal buildings is the tremendous savings in energy costs that they can realize over their lifetimes.

For instance, large industrial metal buildings can be used as meter houses, control rooms or for most kinds of storage in mild climates. Such buildings may not need any sort of heating or cooling, and that’s an immediate cost saver.

But even for uses that do require climate control, large steel buildings are a perfect choice. The deep wall cavities of pre-engineered buildings are especially well suited to packing in more energy-saving insulation.

Special roofing panels, suited to extremely hot or cold climates, are another great way to make engineered building systems as energy-efficient as possible.

3. Versatility

Not only are pre-engineered metal buildings more customizable than other kinds of structures, but they’re also much more versatile as well.

Frankly, the imagination is the only real limiting factor to the uses of engineered building systems. Because of the ease and flexibility inherent in the design and construction of metal buildings, the applications for these structures are almost endless:

  • Warehouses
  • Meter buildings
  • Monitoring stations
  • Railroad facilities
  • Generator enclosures
  • Pump stations
  • Telecommunications equipment enclosures
  • Modular office spaces
  • Control rooms
  • Energy substations
  • Fire pump houses
  • Battery storage housing

And there is much more, which we just don’t have the space here to list!

4. Durability

Another one of the obvious benefits of large steel buildings is that they are strong and durable. This will depend, of course, on the quality of material and construction, but a high-quality building can well repay your investment.

The best metal building construction can withstand some of the severest weather, including strong storms and hurricanes. You can look forward to using the building for many decades to come, so it’s a good idea to find the best materials and use only the best designs.

5. Reduced Insurance Rates

This is another reason that pre-engineered buildings are a great choice: insurance companies love them!

Most insurers will offer sizable discounts on rates for these kinds of steel buildings. This is because these structures are highly resistant to damage—whether from high winds, storms, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, snow, termites, fire, lightning, mold, and whatever else you can throw at them.

So if you’re looking to lower your insurance rates—and who isn’t?—pre-engineered metal buildings are the perfect option for your business’ new construction needs.

6. Value

Everyone wants the best value they can get.

Over the course of its lifetime, there’s no question that an industrial metal building, built to your specifications, will retain its value for far longer than other types of structures. Just as metal buildings can stand up to storms and other kinds of damage, they can withstand the rigors of time.

What greater value can you ask for?

7. Better Foundation Health

Pre-engineered buildings are actually better for your foundations—and that means overall cost savings down the road.

Because engineered metal buildings, even the large ones, require less framing material than other types of buildings, they weigh considerably less. That means there’s less weight pressing down on a foundation. And that means less overall settling and thus fewer chances for expensive foundation problems in the future.

So this is another reason that industrial metal buildings can save you a great deal of money over time, even if there’s a higher initial cost.

8. Low Maintenance

By their very nature, pre-engineered metal buildings require comparatively little upkeep. Consider, for instance, the fact that since these buildings are not made of wood, they don’t need to be painted as frequently as wood exteriors typically require.

Furthermore, steel buildings are impervious to the depredations of termites and other pests. That means there is no need for costly pest-control measures for your modular office, or power shed, or warehouse.

9. Pre-Engineered Buildings Are Easily Expandable

Every business needs to keep an eye toward possible future expansion. This is where the versatility of industrial metal buildings really shines.

A business will often outgrow their current facilities, and when that happens, engineered buildings are the perfect choice for expansion. With custom fabrication tailored to your specific needs, pre-engineered buildings make expanding business facilities a cinch.

10. Remodeling Is Less Expensive

In addition to expanding with new facilities, existing metal buildings can be easily expanded and remodeled as well.

All that’s required to enlarge a current building, for instance, is to order new, matching frames to expand the end walls. Or just slap on a customized steel structure to create new rooms and additions to an existing metal building.

Metal Building Construction Is the Future

As you can see, pre-engineered buildings have it all. They’re durable, easily customizable, cost-effective, and they afford limitless opportunities for expansion.

If you’re looking for industrial metal buildings, with applications in a wide range of industries, contact us today at A1 Sheet Metal, Inc. for a free quote. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.